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Early Women Writers

Junii Tameko (Kyogoku, Fujiwara Tameko)



Junii Tameko (Kyogoku, Fujiwara Tameko)


Heian-kyo (modern day Kyoto)


1250- after 1315


Junii Tameko was the daughter of Kyogoku Tamenori -- the founder of the Kyogoku school of poetry. In fact, Tameko was placed through immediate family directly into a three way rivaly of poetic schools. Tameko's grandfather, Fujiwara no Tameie, divided his estate amongst three sons, sparking rivalry, and each of the sons went on to found a school of poetry: Nijo Tameuji, Reizei Tamesuke and Kyogoku Tamenori. Tameko contributed sixty poems to the Gyokuyoshu; moreover, she had a significant role compiling the anthology -- perhaps the first time a woman participated in the compilation of an imperial anthology. [Source:Mulhern, Chieko Irie. Japanese Women Writers: a Bio-critical Sourcebook. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1994.]


To Dainagon Tenshi Kashu, compiled the Gyokuyō Wakashū, poetry





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