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Early Women Writers

Ulayya bint al-Mahdi



Ulayya bint al-Mahdi






Ulayya bint al-Mahdi was born to a concubine mother who was a singer. Her father, Muhammad al-Mahdi, was a member of elite male society, and later become the third Abbasid caliph. Ulayya was a skilled composer, poetess, and singer. Her poetry consists of short pieces designed to be sung in the 'muhdath' style. As a princess, her songs were sung and transmitted by female slave singers to male singers. She performed her music for family or in private. Despite her being married to an Abbasid prince, love poems addressed to two slaves have been preserved. Her patrons included the imperial family, such as the fifth caliph and her brother Harun al-Rashid.


Lord, it's not a crime, I held backWe hint,
My love,
Dress the water,
Love thrives




Love, Friendship, Longing for Home, Celebration of Wine, Praise for the Caliph Harun al-Rashid


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