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Early Women Writers

Fatima al-Mayriti



Fatima al-Mayriti


Madrid, Spain


10th-11th c


Fatima was a Muslim astronomer and astrologer of repute, who spent much of her life in Córdoba. At the time, Córdoba was a chief intellectual centre; a conduit for scientific reciprocity between cultures. In such a milieu, Fatima was conversant with texts of sundry origins. She engaged with them and in consequence wrote, and rehearsed the theses of writerly authorities. In particular, to befit the needs of her geography, she aided her father, the polyhistor al-Maslamah Mayriti, to amend Claudius Ptolemy’s Almagest and the astronomical tables of Muhammad ibn Mūsāal-Khwārizmī. Fatima also designed charts on trigonometric ratios and spherical astronomy, catalogued lunar phases and stellar parallaxes, and fashioned zijes and ephemerides of the wandering stars.


Tratado del Astrolabio, The Corrections by Fatima




Instruction Manual, Reference Work


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