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Early Women Writers

Florencia Pinar



Florencia Pinar


Castile, Spain


15th century


Little is known about the exact date and location of her birth, but it is assumed that Pinar was an educated member of the upper class. This much can be deduced from the fact that she was one of the few female poets whose works were included in the 15th century Spanish poetic songbook known as Cancionero general. Her work must have been deemed exemplary at the time as the songbook was compiled with the intent to make the works of renowned poets more accessible to the public. She also composed her poems in the Castilian dialect which was characteristic of the educated upper class of her time.


Canción de una dama que dice Florencia Pinar (Song by a Dame Called Florencia Pinar), Glosa de Florencia (Florencia’s Gloss), Cancion de Florencia Pinar (Song of Florencia Pinar), Otra canción de la misma señora a unas perdices que le enviaron vivas (Another Song of the Same Lady About Some Partridges Sent to Her Alive)





Editions and Translations

Pious, Samantha (translator). "Two Poems by Florencia Pinar in Translation." The Berkeley Poetry Review 46. 2016.

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