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Early Women Writers

Aa'isha bint Ahmad al-Qurtubiyya



Aa'isha bint Ahmad al-Qurtubiyya


Córdoba, Spain


c. 400-1009


Aa'isha bint Ahmad al-Qurtubiyya was the daughter of Prince Ahmad of Andalus and was one of the noble ladies of Cordoba. Her expertise can be gauged by the fact that she was a poet, calligrapher and a bibliophile with a great collection of books and highly respected by the kings. She attended the courts of the Andalusian kings and wrote poems in their honor. She was known for her intelligence, her knowledge of literature and poetry, and her eloquence as well as her handwriting. She was a fine calligrapher; she made a practice of copying in her own hand the Qurʾān. She showed a great interest in science, which led her to collect books in what became a large and beautiful library which became one of the finest and most complete in the kingdom. She also refused marriage and most likely died a virgin. She excelled in rhyme and oratory. Her verses aroused the tumultuous enthusiasm of the otherwise grave poets of Cordoba.


I am a lioness, If I had to choose a mate





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